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Well, although I do very much appreciate that this summer cold came in full swing during our car ride home yesterday and not earlier when we had shows and such to attend to, I still hate being sick. And of course it didn’t help that over the past few days I’ve been making myself a long list of things I’m motivated to accomplish now that I’m home… Like picking up Japanese again, making covers for our couches, going running or biking every day, yoga… Bleh. Instead I have about enough energy to prop myself up in bed and type out a few measly sentences in this blog. Oh well… I guess I do have a lot of writing to do about the tons of adventures we had these past couple weeks…

Way back on June 23rd we had a Pocket Vinyl show in Coventry, CT. Earlier that afternoon our good friends Nate & Journey, the newly married Gerards, stopped at our place on the way home from their honeymoon. They came along with us to the Coventry show and took a handful of photos during our set:

It was really cool having a couple old friends along for a show like this, because in a weird way I feel as though they grounded us. Nate & Journey could not get over the surrealness of the situation: The show was some kind of harvest/farm festival off in the woods behind a huge house near a horse pasture where people were camping. Dogs were running everywhere, jumping and standing on top of tables and people kept encouraging us to eat and drink more wine and beer. It was sort of like someone’s odd family reunion, where we didn’t really know anyone… But while if it had been only Eric and I there, this would’ve been, in our minds, just another gig. But to Nate & Journey it was bizarre and surreal. It was cool to remember that we do live that kind of life and to remember to appreciate the surreal and bizarre aspects.

Here’s the painting I created that evening:

(I’ve been picking a lot of raspberries in our yard lately.)

After the show we caught most of the end of Men in Black III at the drive-in (that was so much fun!!) and the next morning had breakfast & fun hang out times with Journey & Nate before we both headed in different directions. I have to say, since we’re on the road so much and because of that we find ourselves constantly spending nights at lots of different people’s houses, it was amazingly awesome getting to host friends at our place for a change. I really look forward to doing a lot more of that in the future…