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On Tuesday, June 26 Eric and I began our mini Pocket Vinyl tour out towards the last Cornerstone Festival in Illinois. We’d set up a couple shows along the way so that we could pay for our gas money to and from the festival, and our first stop was in Rochester, NY! Rochester always feels a bit like “home”, maybe because out good friends Leah & Phil live there…

Our show was suppose to be at the Bug Jar, but because of a recent upset involving some scary crime, the location was changed to a few blocks over at the Monroe Park Vineyard Community Space. It was good the location was changed too, because our good friends Nicole & Derrick came out to see us too and brought their 4 little kids!

Leah took a handful of photos during the show, which was awesome. And as you can see, we had a pretty awesome turnout there!

Here’s the painting that came out of that night:

That night our lovely little Leah let us stay at her place right there in Rochester. The next evening we were scheduled to play in Buffalo, but because of some unforeseen events we had to reschedule. Eric and I were both very disappointed about having to reschedule, but it was awesome getting to spend an extra day with Phil and Leah!