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Staying with Eric’s extended family in Indiana is always so awesome. His cousins are great, and so much fun. For a few days while we were there Eric helped a team headed by his dad as they are building an elaborate back deck in time for his cousin’s wedding next month. On Sunday July 1st (Happy Canada Day!!) he had the day off, so we headed to a nearby downtown with the cousins on a mission: A few weeks back Eric’s cousin Torrey commissioned me to design his first tattoo for him, something that incorporated his love of the Lord of the Rings with his spiritual beliefs. And since we were in town for a few days we figured it’d be an excellent opportunity for Torrey to finally get it done!

As you can see, my finished design involved the Tree of Gondor, filled in, with only three of the stars above the branches to signify the Holy Trinity, and the outline of a cross in the trunk. Torrey ended up liking the unfilled-in sketch better though, and we shortened the length of the cross, and had the stars filled in. Torrey was really happy with it, and that’s the most important thing. He kept trying to get Eric and I to get tattoos done as well… We were tempted, but decided against it at this time.

After the tattoo the four of us (Torrey’s sister Sally was with us) tromped around downtown harassing the local sculptures:

I love hanging out with these guys; our time here is always so short.