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Remember how we had a Pocket Vinyl show in Buffalo on the way to Cornerstone that got rescheduled? Well, we’d rescheduled it to July 10th and it’s the subject of this blog post! The gig was at the Vault (which we’ve played at before) and a nice modest amount of good friends came out for the show. It’s always so awesome to see good friends and to play for an attentive audience. Our awesome and very talented friend Wes Aikens opened the show. He’s really great, you should listen to his stuff on YouTube.

After our set not only was there a small bidding war going on for the painting (seriously, ever since that horrid Iowa City show where the painting didn’t sell, there is a point during every show where I worry that it’ll happen again. That show was scarring), but a large amount of the mini paintings left over from Cornerstone also sold! We did pretty well!

Afterwards our very awesome, loving, and wonderful friend Sarah Thomas let us spend the night on her couches. Sarah is amazing, and I lover her so much. Seriously, such a spectacular friend; she’s so kind and sweet and I miss her so much. I really wish we lived a lot closer to her and could see her more often. But we had to leave her place the next morning to finally head for home, after our two week Cornerstone adventure.