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Last week, just about exactly a week ago, on July 16th, was Eric & my’s first wedding anniversary. I’m glad we remembered a few weeks in advance, we’re both kind of bad at remembering the date we got married on. Ha. Crazy though, a whole year! It’s also been exactly one whole year since we started doing Pocket Vinyl full time. It’s weird how it seems as though it’s gone by really fast, and at the same time incredibly slow. I mean, so much happened in one year! It’s great. I couldn’t be happier with being married to Eric.

To celebrate we found a coupon to an inexpensive hotel in New Haven. We had some of the most delicious sushi I’ve encountered since Japan at Sushi Palace (oh, and it’s all you can eat, made fresh in front of you when you order! I wish we could live there…). And my awesome younger brother Nick gave us a bottle of champagne. The next day was Pocket Vinyl errands in New Haven, picking up a new futon for our new guest room, and going to see some Shakespeare in the park with Nick, but even though things had a bit of a fun “it’s our anniversary!” feel to them. I’m glad we can have fun in “normal” stuff as well.

(I saw the idea for holding your photo from one year ago in a new photo on your anniversary from someone else.)

Also, I know we sent out the thank-yous months ago, but I just wanted to drive home how incredibly grateful and humbled we still are by everyone who was a part of our wedding over a year ago. You guys were amazing with your gifts, your physical and emotional support, and your love. Thank you for being the best friends people like us could ever ask for. We love you so much.