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I had decided that I need to quit being quite so sporadic a try to keep myself on a bit of a schedule. It’s tough when you work for yourself. But it’s time! One of those schedule type things I’m applying to myself is to blog much more regularly. I’m thinking Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings. That’ll keep me from falling behind with backlogged stuff, and it’ll be kinder to my readers. (I think…) So, this is the first scheduled blog, starting this Monday morning (Happy Monday!) over tea and toast.

This past week, after getting back from our anniversary festivities, we had our very first guest in our new guest room: our good friend Mike came to hang out for a few days!! It’s always so awesome having friends stay with us, since as I’ve said before, Eric and I are almost always the guests in someone else’s house, so it’s awesome to get to be a host and “return the favor” in a way. The weather wasn’t awesome for fun activities, it seemed like it was always either too hot or too cold, but we did get a chance to go see the new Dark Knight Rises movie (oh my goodness soooo frickin’ amazing!!), see a baby cow immediately after it was born (I swear I thought the mother was going to jump the fence and charge us!), pick wild berries, and go on a submarine…

And, Mike kept us company at a Pocket Vinyl gig in Rhode Island: We played a 3ish hour long set to a “young entrepreneurs” gathering at “Windjammer Surf Bar” on Misquamicut Beach. In case you couldn’t quite tell, that was an odd show. We were incredibly grateful to have Mike there though, to encourage us on throughout the 3 hours, and he snapped a few photos during our set as well:

A bidding war went on for the painting, which is always nice, and here’s the finished product (remember, I had around 3 hours to work on this, hence the large amount of detail).

After the show was over, we’d gotten paid and packed up, we decided to take a break to walk along the beach in the dark. The waves on Misquamicut are huge, and it was fun just getting to be with good friends. I wish we all didn’t live so far away.