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I know this messes up my MWF morning post schedule, but I didn’t remember as I was writing the herb-drying post this morning that Newport Folk Festival is this weekend, as in, starting tomorrow. And I have a time-sensitive post in regards to Newport Folk Fest. No, Pocket Vinyl isn’t playing the festival, and while we did attend as audience members last year as part of our honeymoon, we won’t be partaking in the musical festivities this year… But my art will!

A few days ago our friend Bill posted a link on my Facebook from a singer/songwriter looking for a t-shirt design. He presented his search as a “contest” and if you “won” he’d use your design. Usually I’m not a fan of those kinds of contests, but to be perfectly honest, I needed a break from the other art I was working on and the idea that my design could be sold at Newport was motivating, so I drew something up (pen & ink btw):

(Come on, everyone likes bicycles and ravens.)

He (Jonah Tolchin, the guy who’ll be performing at Newport) liked the design and we sent it off to the screen printer, who e-mailed me a image of the shirt:

Bada boom, bada bing, Bon Jovi. So these will be for sale at Jonah Tolchin’s merch area at Newport Folk Festival when he performs this Sunday, July 29th. If you happen to be going stop by and check out the shirts. I hope I get a free one out of this deal.