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I just finished an awesome painting! I’m seriously so proud of it! And I just finished four pencil sketches that literally make me crack up every time I look at them. But you can’t see either yet, sorry.

But I can tell you about two Pocket Vinyl shows we have coming up this week! Shows this summer are more on the sporadic side, since Eric is focusing a lot more time on writing right now (for something pretty exciting!!) and I’ve pretty intensely been working on a bunch of commissions. But we have a couple shows a week for most of the coming fall. I’ll keep things updated on here, or you can see months in advance on our Pocket Vinyl website. See you at a show!

– TONIGHT (August 3rd) we’ll be back at the Hessian Lion in Avon, CT (10 East Main St, Avon, CT) around 10:30 pm. That’s an awesome venue, and we love the people there.

– Tuesday, August 7th, we have a show in Providence, RI at Dusk (301 Harris Avenue, Providence, RI). Never been there before, but Providence is a sweet city!

I’ll most likely be posting the painting from tonight sometime tomorrow. See you then!