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Like I said in my last post, we had a Pocket Vinyl show at the Hessian Lion in Avon, CT last night. It was our 4th time playing there, and it turned out to be a bit of an odd show… At least, not exactly what we were expecting. For one thing, two of our favorite aspects of the Hessian Lion in the past were Kyle the sound guy, and Lisa the bartender. They’re just both such incredibly sweet and loving people. Lisa was there, and she brought us Jameson shots after the show. It was great seeing her there. But Kyle no longer works at the Hession Lion and his absence was definitely noticeable. He had this great way of making us feel welcomed, comfortable, and confident, and he was always incredibly enthusiastic about the shows.

The other oddity of the night was that for a Friday, the place was really dead. Every other show we’ve had at the Hessian Lion has always had a good-sized crowd. And sure, at 8:45 we figured it was normal but we thought that at least by 10 and later the place would begin packing out. But it stayed dead the entire night. Very strange.

Lastly, there were changes to the schedule as the night went on. We arrived expecting to play for 2 1/2 hours, since we were the only band on the bill. Once we got talking to the people in charge though they said they wanted us to play for 2 hours, starting at 9:30, because another band was added last-minute going on at 11:30. Then since it was so dead and they figured more people would show up, we didn’t get started until after 10. Then we finished our set and they told us the other band never showed, so we could continue to play if we wanted to, but didn’t have to. Since I’d already finished the painting and seriously, it was 11:30 and the place was still dead, we said we’d just pack things in.

So from all that, it sounds like last night wasn’t an awesome show, right? Not in the least! Eric and I had a great time, and unlike some past shows there were always at least a few people listening and watching. (When you’ve had  truly crappy shows, you learn to say that things aren’t so bad sometimes. Ha!)

And the coolest thing was the two girls who bought the painting at the end of the night. They (or at least one of them) had actually seen us at the Keene Music Festival in New Hampshire almost an entire year ago, and they came all the way to Avon just to catch another show! Seriously, when someone makes that much effort to catch one of our shows, it can be so validating and encouraging. She even still had her Pocket Vinyl “punch card”, from the first set of business cards we’d had printed up!

And in talking with them a bunch, it’s looking like they can help us in booking a show, if not right away at least sometime in the coming future. It was awesome just getting to talk with them for a while after the show too. After such a dead night when we could’ve left feeling down, it was great to instead leave feeling incredibly encouraged and excited about our future.

We’ll be back at the Hessian Lion again on September 21st. I’m looking forward to it. (Oh, and we need to remember that Lisa asked us to save her a shirt.)