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Now that the weekend of the 11th is over, I actually have a lot of art to post, but I also don’t want to post it all at once and allow stuff to get lost in the shuffle. So, I had a special request to post about this recent project I completed a few weeks back:

Our good friends Chris & Amanda have good friend Kim & Jerry (who we also know) who are getting married next month, and Saturday was Kim’s bridal shower that Amanda helped organize. Well, months ago Chris and Amanda asked if they could commission me to help them out with an idea they had for a wedding gift for Kim & Jerry, but mostly Kim. And I have to say, this was so much fun to work on. I would complete a part of this piece, sit back, and literally make myself laugh out loud at what I’d just made. Eric had an awesome time coming over and laughing at the pieces too.

Here was Chris & Amanda’s idea:

Kim has an unusual fear of sloths. When Chris & Amanda first told me, I thought it was weird. After completing this project, I can kind of see where Kim in coming from; they are pretty creepy looking creatures. Chris & Amanda asked me if I could create a 4 page comic of Kim & Jerry’s future honeymoon, and have sloths constantly show up in inappropriate places throughout the story. After an evening of the 4 of us brainstorming (Chris & Amanda, Eric & I) we came up with outlines for four pages of 4 panel comics, featuring Kim & Jerry, on their honeymoon to Florida. Here are the pencil sketches:

And here are the completed, inked comic pages:

After the bridal shower I heard that Kim loved the comic pages, and she posted this photo of a couple of them in the frames Chris & Amanda had gotten for them:

To see these and lots of other art stuffs, check out my Facebook art site! https://www.facebook.com/elizabethjancewiczart

Oh and one more reminder: FREE Pocket Vinyl show at BAR in New Haven tonight, opening for Ezra Furman!!