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If you weren’t at Bar in New Haven last night, you really missed out.

After spending most of the day screen printing and then  ironing our new Pocket Vinyl t-shirts… (I do love them, but they are a lot of work. Even once they’re printed we still have to iron the front and back of each to set the design. Luckily we have two irons and old episodes of Lost on Netflix.) …we headed out to New Haven a couple hours early. Our quickly-becoming-good friends Anton & Madeleine recently moved into a sweet new apartment and decided to celebrate with a dinner party of amazing food and awesome new friends (for us) before the show. They are super sweet, I really wish we didn’t live an hour away.

Bar itself is an awesome venue. I had no idea it’d be so restaurant-y in the front, but then the back has a great little show space. And everyone was incredibly friendly: the Manic Production people who set up the show sought us out when we first showed up and showed us all around, the sound guy was sweet and helpful (a good sound guy can change the entire atmosphere of a show), the Golden Bloom guys and the Ezra Furman guys were awesome and friendly, and we even got a free pizza! (It’s in the fridge now since we’d already filled ourselves at Anton & Madeline’s place. BTW, if you don’t go to Bar  for the amazing free shows–I don’t know, maybe you hate fun?–at least go for the delicious pizza. White pizza with a pita-like crust and eggplant? Amazing.) The crowd wasn’t bad either, with Anton & Madeline bringing a few friends and some New Londoners having made the trek out for us and Ezra Furman, plus just a good amount of people filling the little space.

Pocket Vinyl was on first, after sound-checks, and we only had a half-hour to fill. Which, after playing so many 45 minute+ shows lately, I was a little nervous about, but I got done on the canvas what I wanted to accomplish. Again, people were awesome. And it’s always really great to hear people say they could sense enery between Eric & I, even though we’re both doing our separate things on-stage.

Sarah, Anton & Madeline’s friend who was also at the dinner party and who also has seen us a few times in the past, won the bid on the painting:

Ok, now I need to confess something, and this is what made the show so awesome (or at least, this is proof of how awesome the show was). We play a lot of shows, and consequently, we see a lot of bands. Eric and I were actually just talking the other day about how “going to see a show” just isn’t that exciting or interesting to us much anymore, even if it’s a show we’re not playing at or a band we really like. We sort of feel dull to the experience.

Now, I knew Eric was excited to see Ezra Furman & his band (they called themselves The Papercuts last night. Apparently they change their name every few shows) play, but they’d be playing last. That meant no ducking out early. It was late, I was tired, we were an hour from home, and I’d have to sit through two bands I knew nothing about.

Golden Bloom played first, and I immediately forgot my tiredness. Not only were they awesome guys to talk to, they were awesome musicians who brought so much energy, talent, and fun to the space.

So awesome, and we picked up their colourful 7″ after the set (and talked with them about getting our own 7″ made soon).

And then Ezra Furman. Yeah, not what I was expecting at all. They were spectacular. Like I said, we go to a lot of shows and see a lot of bands, and it’s been a while since I’ve had that much fun watching someone else on-stage. I didn’t know I knew any of his song either, but I guess I’d heard a few when Eric would listen to them, so it was cool to make those connections too. Seriously though, so much fun, so much talent. His lyrics & singing style are awesome, and his stage personality between songs is hilarious. If you get the chance, so see them.

The place cleared pretty quickly after Ezra Furman & the band were done, and Eric picked up their record on vinyl. They were looking for a place to crash that night, and I felt bad that we live an hour in the opposite direction from where they were headed next. Another reason I wish we lived closer. Oh well.

Again, amazing night. Seriously amazing.

No show tonight, but just a reminder that tomorrow night! We have our 7″ fundraiser shows in New London!!

Friday, August 17 – 6:30 at the Telegraph (19 Golden Street, New London, CT)

later that same night – 10:30 at the Oasis Pub (16 Bank Street, New London, CT)

I will be doing THREE paintings!! (One at the Telegraph, two at Oasis) Eric will be dancing for money (yes). We’ll have a nice big array of new t-shirts. And, free stickers for everyone!! Come help us raise money to record our new album!