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Two and a half weeks ago we had our fundraiser show (yeah… that’s how far behind I am right now. bleh. But today I make huge effort to get caught up!).

First, let me explain what we were raising funds for: Eric and I are both big fans of vinyl records, and with the name of our band being Pocket Vinyl, we sort of figured it was inevitable that sometime we would be releasing our music on a vinyl record ourselves. The only problem is, pressing a record can be expensive, especially in knowing that the demand for vinyl is smaller than the demand for digital music, so moving the records could also be a challenge. So in a nod to our band’s namesake, we decided we’d go ahead and start with a 7″ record… a pocket sized vinyl. It’d be cheaper to print and we could then in turn sell them at a more reasonable price.

But Eric wanted to push this idea even further. When we were first considering this idea a few months back, Eric was in a bit of a song-writer’s block. He was trying to figure out ways to make our 7″ more interesting, and I think he came up with a fairly brilliant idea! That is, to record an entire 10 to 12 track album onto a 7″ record. If you know anything about 7″ records, you know that typically there’s only one 4 to 6 minute song per side, because that’s all the space such a small record can hold. But, Eric thought, if we were to record 10 to 12 songs that were only about one minute long each, than we could have our full-length album on a 7″! This new challenge broke Eric out of his writer’s block and he quickly set out creating fast and yet still interesting minute-long songs!

Now that we had all the songs and the idea, we needed to pay for the recording, mastering, and finally pressing of the record. The obvious money-making choice would be a Kickstarter, but without getting too much into it, we decided to save our first Pocket Vinyl Kickstarter for a bigger project in the future.  And instead host a night of local fundraising in New London on August 17th!

We started the night out with an evening show at, appropriately, our local record store, the Telegraph. I like doing these early non-bar shows to appeal to some of our not-late-night and/or not-bar-type crowd. Like, for example, little 9 year old Danyelle:

I have to admit, I love it when kids win the painting bids. This was also our best attended Telegraph show, which is awesome to see. It makes us feel like we’re slowly doing better at this.

After the Telegraph show we had a few hours to hang out and have some beers before heading around the block to the Oasis for our second show of the night. A good amount from the first show followed us over, along with a bunch of extra people that came just to see us and the regular barflies, so the place was comfortably full. We did another Pocket Vinyl set and another painting. Oh, and Eric played some of the new 1 minute songs that’ll be on the new record, some that I hadn’t even heard yet, so that was fun.

Besides having a ton of new merch available and playing so many sets in one night, Eric decided that to make even a little more extra money for the album that he would dance 10 seconds for every dollar. Our good friend Chris passed around a hat and collected enough for Eric to have to dance to one song, which he did after our Oasis set. Chris recorded some of the money-making dance here:

After the dancing and the bidding Eric moved his piano down off the stage and Raise the Rent set up around my easel, and Eric and I played along with their set to end out the night. Thanks to Chris & Amanda for the photos from the shows that night:

As you can see, our friend Jaime won the bid on both Oasis paintings that night. (And you see how I tied all three paintings together there? I love when stuff like that happens.)

And after everything, we made enough money to pay for the recording and the pressing! So for pretty much the entire following week Eric was heading to New London to do all the recording. Now the songs are being mastered and it probably won’t be long before we can send them out to get pressed! So exciting!!

Big thank you to everyone who came out and supported us that night. It was completely exhausting, but you helped us do it!