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On the same day as our good friends’ Henry & Ashley’s wedding, August 11th, Eric’s cousin Emily got married out in Indiana. We were torn between which wedding to attend: close friends or relatives; there were tons of great reasons to attend both. We finally decided on close friends because they’d asked us first. But we attended the family wedding in spirit through art.

For starters, Emily had asked me to help her design an image for the invitation. When we were visiting before the wedding we walked around her family’s property, where the wedding would be taking place, and we talked about her ideas: Something incorporating the river, the weeping willows, the earthy tones of her colour scheme, and the hammock where Javan proposed. Here’s Emily original sketch idea and a few attempts I made before settling on a final look:

And then here’s the final illustration with the finished front & back of the wedding invitation:

I found out later that parts of the design even got incorporated into the wedding favors (here are Eric’s parents showing one off at the wedding):

The second bit of art I did was the wedding gift we sent along to the couple with our blessings. I decided to again do a portrait (how how I’d done one for Henry & Ashley) of the couple and to use the earthy tones of the wedding. I also wanted to incorporate dandelions, since Emily had told me those were some of her favorite flowers and that she loved the Pocket Vinyl painting I’d given her mom (which I think her mom might’ve given to her for the wedding…). So, here’s what I came up with:

And, the couple on their wedding day. Wish we could’ve been there, but we’re so glad to have them both a part of our family!