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On August 18 Eric and I headed up to Lewiston, Maine for a Pocket Vinyl show at a cooperative living space called the Beat Rust. Awesome, awesome place. To start out, we were greeted by Lewiston’s amazingly brilliant hot air balloon festival as we approached the town and saw dozens of colourful balloons rising into the air. So beautiful, so amazing. A dream of both Eric’s and mine is to take a ride in a hot air balloon some day. I wish I’d thought to take some photos as we drove up. Then, we discovered that the venue’s neighborhood was also home to a large population of Somali refugees. It was surreal to see little girls with their colourful scarves running through the streets of a quiet town in Maine. At the Beat Rust we met a couple of the people who live at the building who treated us to a delicious potluck in the backyard. Really quality awesome people.

When more people showed up we moved upstairs to an area where we’d be performing after Timothy Perrino of theglasskat.

He performed this amazing set that involved guitar and percussion and lots of looping and layering. It was really incredible to see so much sound coming out of one person!

Eric & I performed next and Timothy actually ended up being the one to win the painting bidding:

People filtered out slowly after the show and we were given a bed in a guest room to stay in, which was awesome. A real nice, peaceful, DIY space. Everyone was friendly and awesome, and we loved getting to perform here and meet so many great people.