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On August 19 Eric & I awoke to an empty apartment. Our host had warned us that she’d be gone early that morning, so we packed up our things and headed out the door towards Brunswick, Maine. First stop: Tim Horton’s for some Canadian nostalgia (and an iced cappuccino); it is the saddest thing ever that they closed down all the locations in my area of the states. We enjoyed wandering around Brunswick (it’s such a great town), looking around Bull Moose and stopping at flea markets. Treasures of the day: a Heatmiser record at Bull Moose (Elliott Smith’s band before his solo stuff), a new pipe for Eric at a flea market (the bowl is a thick two inch piece of branch that’s hollowed out, and the stem is a slightly curved skinny branch, both with bark still on, never used, and awesomely rustic), and finally, my favorite find: the Star Wars original 1977 soundtrack on 2 LPs in awesome condition, for $8! So exciting!!

In the afternoon we headed out to Whatley Farm on the edge of town for our Pocket Vinyl show. Since Nick, Stephanie, & Patrick moved out of the Bombshelter venue, they’ve been continuing to host DIY shows but have been going to different venues around the area. The farm was awesome, with thousands of onions recently dug up and sitting on pallets, flowers everywhere, and a crate of cherry tomatoes in colours and flavors I didn’t even know existed! The bands played in an open shed that doubled as our stage, while everyone sat in the grass to watch.

We played second and Stephanie ended up winning the bid on the painting:

Unfortunately we had to duck out pretty soon after we played for the long drive home since Eric was going to start recording the songs for the 7″ (!) the next morning. We sure do love Maine though, and every time we visit we question why we don’t live there. Such a wonderful northern state.