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In the middle of recording week we had a small Pocket Vinyl show up in Providence, Rhode Island at the Spot Underground. We played after an open mic that seemed to be a regular with this venue, where a whole bunch of different acts came up and plays just a couple songs each:

We got a 30 minute slot after the open mic and before another band. Here’s the painting from this show:

I don’t often talk about what my paintings mean, especially the show ones, but this one does have a very specific meaning that I don’t mind sharing…

Without getting too much into it, recently I as cornered by a very intoxicated individual. This person threatened my safety and shook me up pretty badly for days afterwards. I’ve had my fair share of drunk people approach me, especially at shows, and, well… I hate it. My natural reaction to these rude and sometimes violent people is to be kind and polite and friendly… I want to treat them with love, forgetting in the moment that they aren’t thinking correctly and will most likely try to take advantage of my kindness. It can get pretty scary, but this one person recently really terrified me. The days following as I began to stop feeling shook up I began to get angry. Why would people allow themselves to get so intoxicated that they hurt others?! Where were these individual’s friends, who could put a stop to their actions?! For that matter, where were the venue owners, bouncers, bartenders, or what about bystanders who could step in and help out…?

This event did really shake me up. And it wasn’t the first. And it wasn’t the last. And I wasn’t going to talk about it here… But I need to.

Anyways, the painting from this show expressed some of my anger towards people who think they can talk to me like that.