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So, recently I found out that homemade tomato sauce is pretty much one of the easiest things to make. I learned this because we have a bunch of tomato plants in the back yard, and orangey tomatoes are starting to pop up all over them. (By the way, the cherry tomatoes started ripening when my parents’ 5 year old Naskapi foster child, Jaiden, was here, and he thought it was the most hilarious thing when I was trying to teach him the word “tomato.” He was calling them “moe-matoes” so I pointed at my foot and said “TOEmato.” Squeals and non-stop giggles followed, and even more when when I’d point at my hand and say “THUMBato.”)

So, to make your own very simple, very delicious, tomato sauce, you only need a few ingredients:

-a bunch of tomatoes

-a bunch of fresh garlic

-a bunch of herbs (I used fresh basil & oregano because I have it growing in the garden, but you could use dried basil & oregano, or even completely other spices if you like. The main thing is, use more than you think you need.)

-a teeny bit of olive oil

Obviously, these are not exact measurements. That’s because this is a not exact recipe. Just make as much tomato sauce as you’d like, adding as much garlic and herbs to your own preferences.

The first step is to crush your garlic and let it “air” for about 10 minutes. The crushes releasing the flavor and makes it more garlicky. (BTW, if you plan on pureeing your sauce, the garlic pieces don’t matter, but if you don’t plan on pureeing (and you don’t have to) you’ll probably want to chop your garlic into finer pieces than what I have.)

Then, if you’re using fresh herbs, wash them in a bowl of cool water, then loosely chop them.

Finally, wash & chop your tomatoes. You’re ready to start cooking!

Using a large pot sauté your garlic with a little olive oil until it’s kind of soft.

Then add the chopped tomatoes & chopped herbs, and stir things up.

Set the temperature of the stove top to a low simmer. Now you wait. Cooking time will depend on the juiciness of your tomatoes. My sauce took about an hour and 15 minutes to cook down. Stir things up every once in a while and continue checking on it during the cooking time to make sure things are going well.

This part is optional. If you want to have a chunkier sauce, you’re done once the liquid id mostly cooked out and you have what looks like a good tomato sauce to you. Or, you can decide to puree it like I did:

Once you have just a little liquid left in your sauce, transfer it to a blender or food processor and puree it up to your desired consistency. Then transfer it back to the pot and cook the sauce just a little longer until it’s saucey and not liquidy.


Now you can store it in containers in your fridge (or freezer), or you can can it (since I only had one jarful in the end I skipped the canning process), or you can use it right away!

So delicious!