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I know a small handful of you have heard about my recent work in Indiana a little over a week ago. This worked out really awesomely actually; a friend of Eric’s family saw some of our Pocket Vinyl music videos and really liked the artwork I did in them. He told someone he works with about them, and pretty soon we were contacted about me helping out with illustrating a video series for kids.

So, extremely early morning after my 26th Birthday Eric and I got in the car and drove the 16-ish hours out to just north in Indianapolis. I’ll admit, maybe we’d somehow missed this fact, but Eric and I had no idea we would be working at the Wesleyan World Headquarters! I mean, being Houghton kids and all, that’s kind of a big deal!

We stayed with the family friend pretty much right next door to the headquarters, and headed right in to work bright and early the next day. It was weird spending a little less than a week going to work with a regular schedule, in an office (sort of), getting cups of coffee from the lounge and having lunches with the people i was working with. Compared to what typical days look like to us, it was just very surreal. It was sort of fun at first, but by the last time it was a little tedious, but that might’ve just been from having to sit behind my special desk for hours straight.

So, even though they’d sent me rough outlines of what I’d be doing beforehand, I ended up learning a lot of the info after we showed up.

Basically, the Wesleyan Publishing House had created this eight week Sunday School video series that focused each week on a spiritual shift (for example, stop thinking in me “me” form and start thinking in the “we” form). The program is called SoulShift and I recommend watching the little trailer to get an idea of what these videos are all about.  Apparently they’d been getting requests for a children’s version of these videos, so that entire families could be going through these Sunday School programs together and then would be able to discuss what they each got out of it. So, that’s why they called me!

So, they wanted art, they wanted something similar to what they’d seen in our Pocket Vinyl music videos, but they also need all 8 videos done within 3 days. When I mentioned this project to my brother Nick, she suggested using a whiteboard and dry erase markers, the way the RSA Animate lectures are done. (Watch that, it’s really awesome!) So after meeting a bunch of the people I’d be working with in the Wesleyan Publishing House and in the recording studio, and we then went out and bought a big whiteboard, a whole mess of colourful markers, and we set up an angled desk in the recording studio with a large camera hovering above my head, huge lights all around me, and a big TV screen so I could see what the camera saw. And I went to work.

Working basically non-stop I was able to get it done in two full and exhausting days, with lots of cups of office coffee and listening to stand-up comedians on Eric’s laptop. Yes, exhausting, but fun too! The third day we stuck around for the morning because they found another side project for me to do, illustrating the Seven Wesleyan Missional Priorities (their mission statement) for a presentation that will be happening later on.

It was really cool to be able to bring something that I know inside and out and can do well, and to use it for this much bigger project. It was… validating.

They said they’re working with Bluefish TV in order to makes the videos I just worked on more accessible to the public, so when that happens I’ll post a link. I’m excited to see how these things come out!