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Unfortunately, after our second Pocket Vinyl set at the Keene Music Fest (and a quick stop in at the Life is Sweet candy shop) we weren’t able to stick around and enjoy the rest of the bands playing (like our good friends the 123’s), but instead we had to head further east to Plaistow, NH for a third show in one day at the Sad Cafe. We’d played here before, a little less then a year ago, and this time around we stuck one of our new Pocket Vinyl stickers to their graffiti’d wall.

We were both fairly exhausted by this time, Eric’s voice was nearly shot and he wasn’t feeling the awesomest, but we still put on the best show we could! We also asked to be bumped up to an earlier time slot so that we would be able to make the long drive home that night without passing out from exhaustion before we got there.

Here’s the painting from that show:

I’m liking the goldfish a lot lately, and Eric really liked that I incorporated a hot air balloon into a painting again.

And we finally made it home to Connecticut that night, after clocking in quite a ton of miles on our little car in only a couple days. Gas prices are going up. Not super excited about that.