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After Indiana Eric and I headed east. We spent Thursday night (August 30th) at Houghton, watched the last night of the Republican Convention speeches with his parents, and spent the next day wandering around campus. It was the day that all the freshmen were showing up, and it was cool just to be in that excited atmosphere of so many people starting their college adventures! We saw a bunch of old friend too, which was really awesome. It’s nice that even though we don’t know any students there anymore, there are still familiar faces within the staff. After a morning there we continued east towards New Hampshire.

On Saturday, September 1st, we pulled into a very busy and bustling Keene for the annual Keene Music Festival. We’d played this festival as a last minute fluke the summer before, just because we happened to be in the area and some slots opened up. When this year’s festival approached we got a call asking if we’d like to fill two slots again this year! We love Keene. And when we first showed up one of the worker recognized us. It’s pretty amusing when we’re out in public and someone calls out “Pocket Vinyl!” I feel like a celebrity.

Our first set was around 1:15 at the “Keene Fresh Salad Stage”. A couple guys (Cory & Jason) were taking videos & photos of the performances, and you can see one of the videos from this set here. And the painting went to the couple we’d met (who’d also gotten that painting) at our most recent Hessian Lion show:

(I really like the fish tree.)

From there we packed everything up and carted it across the busy street to our next set at the Miller’s Brothers Stage for 3:00. Here’s a few other videos from that show. And show photos as well:

And our good friend Jordan, of the 123’s won the bid on the painting from this set:

It’s cool that we feel like we have a good amount of friends and a bit of a fan base in Keene. It’s such a friendly and welcoming town. We saw lots of old friends and made a few new ones while we were there for the afternoon.

Oh, and a few days later, we discovered that Eric made it onto the cover of the local paper!