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Eric and I just got back from a very long and exhausting weekend. After a last-minute cancelled show this past Thursday night in Redding, CT and the long drive home that night, we got up at 5 the next morning (Friday September 14th) to drive to New City, NY to pick up a friend. We then dropped him off at Houghton with some friends as we continued up to Beaverton, Ontario. That was an incredibly large amount of driving for one day. Remember how I mentioned those riding gas prices? They’re not getting much better.

Thankfully we then had no driving to do all day Saturday, where we spent the cold and windy morning sitting with good friends out on a dock on a lake, and then attending the wedding of two of Eric’s very good college friends. The wedding was really beautiful and touching, and Eric had an amazing time catching up with so many old college friends, and I had a good time getting to know a lot of them better. My husband has some real quality friends.

The bride wrote everyone (everyone) a personalized note on their name card. It was one of the most sweet and touching details I think I’ve ever seen at a wedding! Also, with it being an outside wedding, my note had a little friend welcoming me to my seat.

Yesterday however, we had to get back on the road early again, leaving Beaverton while the sky was still grey in order to get to Houghton by noon, where we again picked up our friend and drove to Argyle, NY. The plan was to press on through the night, but Eric and I were both so exhausted, and Eric’s cousin & his wife (Jesse & Jessica) said we could spend the night. Then after a very short hangout time this morning, we hit the road again and finally arrived home early this afternoon. Three tanks of gas, 1,400 miles, and probably about 29 hours on the road. Not to mention both of us getting sick (well, me being already sick and probably giving it to Eric) and not really getting to rest not helping that.

After a shower and a bunch of laundry I made us both some warm and comforting pumpkin soup. We’ve got less than a month until we head up to Canada for the rest of the year, a big stack of commissions for me to complete, and a scattering of a couple Pocket Vinyl shows a week until we leave… But for today, I’m going to just sit quietly and rest.

Thanks for your patience as I continue trying to keep up with this blog.