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Way, way back on September 6 Pocket Vinyl was part of another Raw Showcase in Hartford at the Russian Lady again. This time though things were quite different. I guess in order to spread out the event the organizers decided to have things going on on multiple floors instead of cramming everything onto the second floor like we did a few months back.

We were scheduled to kick off the night with a performance on the ground floor right by the door, but because of some over-booking (a radio station booth was already set up in our area when we arrived) we were moved to a spot near some booths, across from the bar, behind the stairs. And this would’ve been a fine place, except that the way the Russian Lady is set up you couldn’t really see where we were performing from the entrance. And if you asked someone at the door where the Raw Hartford event was taking place, they’d point you up the stairs so you’d completely bypass where we were set up! Unfortunately we had some people who came out to see us that completely missed our set because they’d been upstairs, trying to find us. To top this off, Eric and I actually missed all the other performances happening on the other stage upstairs. Because of this we very much felt like we were actually competing with the Raw Hartford event, rather than actually being a part of it. We even had some people come to see us, then not go upstairs to see the rest of the artists because the first floor was free whilethe second floor cost $10 to get in.

Unfortunate, but we don’t blame any of the organizers or anything, it was just happenstance. Plus, I’m really glad this wasn’t our first Raw event. Otherwise it could’ve been a lot more discouraging. But we had a good set, sold the painting, hung out with friends, and met some new ones.

(Someone suggested that this painting made them think I was saying I was pregnant. I’m not, just for the record.)

Our good friends Anton and Madeline got the painting. I have to say, they have been really awesome friends since we first mt them at a show a whole year ago. They’ve come to many shows, and even though we live an hour apart, it’s been awesome all the times we’ve had to hang out with them. Just a few days after this show Eric and I took a non-Pocket Vinyl trip out to New Haven to meet up with the two of them and go see Sleepwalk With Me. Which you really should see if you can find it near you! It’s only in a few select theaters, but it’s awesome and truthful and hilarious. Plus, it really hits home with us and how it can be touring on the road at a low level… Anyways. That is all.

P.S. That is not all. TONIGHT! Eric and I will not be playing a local Pocket Vinyl show!! But Eric will be playing with Raise the Rent  and I will be doing live painting, at the Mystic Arts Center Art After Dark event. From 6:00-8:30, there will be pizza and beer and music and art and I might even bring along some extra art too. See you there.

9 Water Street, Mystic, Connecticut 06355