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I’m surprised in myself, I thought I’d posted this project earlier, but I guess I’d forgotten.

Remember my sloth comic, about the couple that go on their honeymoon to Florida and keep encountering sloths (and Kim, the bride isn’t a fan)?

Well, one of the girls (Cassie) that organized the bridal shower where Kim received those comics as a gift loved the idea. She contacted me and asked if I could do a comic more tailored to her little family, as a gift (anniversary, if I remember correctly) for her husband. Her husband, Robb, is a photographer and also just so happened to take Kim & Jerry’s engagement photos.

Cassie’s idea was that their little toddler would do something to mess up his dad’s camera, causing all the photos Robb took of many different models to turn into photos of the toddler and his mom (Cassie). If you take a browse around Robb’s photography site you might recognize some of his photos I used and altered for this comic.

Cassie told me later that Robb loved the comic, so I’d call that a successful commission!