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On Tuesday, September 18, Eric played one of his last shows with Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent. He’s been playing piano with them whenever he can, but with our next bunch of Pocket Vinyl shows and then us going up to Schefferville for a couple months, it’ll be a while before he plays another gig with them. This was a good show to end on too, because I got to paint along with the show as well.

We performed together as part of the Mystic Arts Center Art After Dark summer series. There was beer and pizza and because of the windy weather, the entire thing was moved into the main gallery area, which is really nice. It’s cool to be surrounded by tons of artistic talent hanging all around the walls. We did two 45 minute sets, so I had extra time to work on the painting.

Our good friend Corrine won the bid on the painting, but made her guy Eric pose in the photo with it:

Special thanks to Corrine too for taking all these photos; I’ve been pretty under the weather lately and in my haze of dizziness I forgot to bring along my camera to the show.