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I’ve been doing a lot of Pocket Vinyl show paintings, book illustrations, and commissions lately. Which, of course, I’m really happy about! It pays the bills and means I’m constantly working and stretching my skills. But that kind of art typically involves a lot of working from reference photos or made up out of my head. And I’m been missing doing art from life. Not only that, I have a fear that I’ll lose my life drawing abilities if I continue not to practice it. So once in a while I’ve been sitting out on our porch and doing life drawings. My best models are the pets we live with, since they seem to enjoy napping near me while I sit. First off, my brother Nick, who we live with, has a very large Golden Retriever mix named Oscar:

He’s a pretty hyper dog though, so he doesn’t sit still real often.

Nick also has a cat named Marty, who likes to act all touch and bitey, but I think deep down he likes cuddling with us. It just has to be on his terms:

(Oh yeah and sometimes I try to draw the cows, but they don’t stand still for very long at all!)

Lastly there’s Harvey, a very fluffy black cat that actually looks a lot like the first cat I had when I was 5… named Fluffy. He decided to walk into our house one day as a kitten, and never left. He’s always kind of been a “family cat” that basically took care of himself, but within the past couple weeks Eric and I have pretty much adopted him as our own:

love that last drawing of him so much. He’s so fluffy!!!