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Happy First Day of Fall!! Fall is, of course, my favorite season. It means spicy pumpkiny cidery treats and sweatshirt weather and fires on windy night and orange! The best colour of all!! Fall also means fairs, and if you live in New England it means the Eastern States Exposition, or the Big E for short: a huge fair that brings all the New England states together to celebrate New England through weird farm animals, giant pumpkins, stage shows, midway rides, and tons of ridiculous food. (A burger between two glazed donuts? Deep-fired whatever? Chocolate covered bacon??) I’d gone a few times as a kid with my family, so the Big E holds a certain amount of nostalgia for me, and I really wanted to share those memories with Eric, and revisit the fairgrounds after… I guess it’s been almost 10 years!

We bought discounted tickets on-line and headed off yesterday morning. After spending almost an hour and a half in traffic less than a mile from the main gate it suddenly dawned on me why my parents use to make get out on the road extra early for this thing. But once we found parking and entered the fair it was awesome. Not only was the Big E everything I remembered from being a kid, but I discovered tons of new things as well! For example, I use to have no interest in the individual state buildings, but this time around they were awesome! Eric even said they were his favorite part!

My favorite part of course was the animals. So many wonderful animals!! We watched baby chicks being born. We ran fingers through the downy fur of a baby alpaca. We saw those crazy huge clydesdales that shook the very ground as they stomped by! We watched the amazing Chinese Acrobatic show. Even though Eric said the cream puffs looked way too rich and therefore gross, he shared one with me and admitted it was pretty delicious. In our home state building we were greeted by a huge sign declaring Connecticut as the home of he chocolate covered bacon. Gross. We both volunteered to be part of a hypnotizing show and neither of us fell deep enough into it so we got escorted off stage. We fed goats and sheep and a camel (I want to own goats & sheep so badly!!) and encountered a four-horned goat?? What on earth?! We named it diablo goat. We watched a parade. We visited the miniature circus museum… And so much more!! Seriously, so awesome. I’m so so glad we were able to take a day and a little money and go experience this for the day. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it!

Also, again, Eric and I aren’t sure why we don’t yet live in Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire. Those just constantly seem to be our favorite states.