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Recently Pocket Vinyl was invited back to play at the Annual Hurricane Farm Harvest Ball, which took place last night. Last year I did three paintings at the festival, but this year I’ve been still getting over a bad cold, so I only painted one painting during our set. The Harvest Ball at the Hurricane Farm is a really awesome experience. They raise all their own organic, free-range animals, and before we played Eric and I wandered around feeding the pigs, petting the sheep (I love the sheep so much!!) and trying to win the trust of the young calves. There was also a huge spread of potlucked foods across a couple long tables outside, a couple kegs on ice, dozens of little kids running and squealing through the back fields, and of course, many bands jamming out the soundtracks to the afternoon/evening/night.

We were one of the last bands to play, and even though our sound isn’t very similar to a lot of the jam bands that were performing on the stage that day, we can pretty much always bring it, and everyone there is always really accepting of what we have to offer.

At the end of our set I was informed that the winner of the painting bid was a young girl who had decided my painting was worth her life savings. This has happened a few times in the past, and it’s always so incredibly touching. The girl holding the painting is the one who won it:

Half of the money raised for the painting was donated to the Scotland Elementary School’s garden to raise vegetables for the school’s cafeteria.