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Well, Eric helped me out with the drawing Saturday night (I assigned all the entries a number based on when people commented and had Eric blindly pick a number) and I’m very pleased to announce that our good friend Corrine from New London won a jar of blackberry/blueberry jam!

(Also, how amazing is the view we get to see off our porch everyday?) Big thank yous to everyone who participated in the drawing. I’m going to try to continue doing drawings more regularly, it’s fun giving stuff away! So stay tuned.

Also, a number of you suggested that if you didn’t win you’d be willing to trade something you’ve made for a jar of jam. I love that idea! If more of you are interested in doing trades, be it some food stuffs you’ve created or something completely different, send me a message! Also, this idea is inspiring art trades… hm. We’ll see.

Thanks again, and Happy Monday!