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We had two Pocket Vinyl shows yesterday, the second one being up in Hadley, Massachusetts at this really sweet little place, the Flying Object. The venue is an independent book publishing studio, complete with binding, letterpress, and a couple big bookshelves loaded with handmade poetry books. Eric and I arrived much earlier then anyone else, so we picked through a couple of these beautiful books, reading little bits of poetry here and there. I miss reading more poetry.

The other bands and some of their friends began trickling in, and soon the room was filling up and we were getting to know a bunch of the people around us. I really love these small and intimate DIY shows we play, they give you so much more opportunity for really getting to know some completely fascinating people.

A singer/songwriter named Emily Moran opened with her friend on fiddle and their very first public show! Pretty awesome.

Next up were a handful of very talented and very friendly guys, part of a band calling themselves Gray Wolf.

We were up next and did a little 30ish minute set… And I decided to start going in a different direction with my paintings. (Confession: Sometimes I start to get bored with my own work.)

And finishing up the night was a girl on the ukulele calling herself Circle Circle.  She was also the one who ended up winning the bid on the painting!

And we were able to raise a good chunk of money for a local homeless shelter. So, a very successful night!