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Eric and I made it to Schefferville, Quebec late Monday night, October 15th. We left early on the Saturday before, spending about 11 hours on the road, including maybe an hour at the border as our car got searched and Eric got questioned (they apparently had no problem with me spending 2 months in the country).

By Sunday morning we hit our first show. There were flurries and thick fog all throughout the hills north of Quebec City. We stopped to pick up a few “only in Quebec” treats, took the ferry at Tadoussac (but didn’t get to see any whales this time across), stopped along the Saint Lawrence, and get in to Sept-Iles as the shy was darkening.

On Monday we woke to a dark and deary early morning, finished packing everything away, and drove over to the train station. Locked the car in the train station parking lot, checked our bags, got our tickets, and were sitting in our cramped little train seats by 7:30 am. The train was packed, but by the 13th hour and who knows how many lengthy stops along the way, our car was practically empty. We ended up getting in to the Schefferville train station around 10:30 pm; 15 hours in that car (and that’s not even bad for the train! ha!). My parents (and an old student) met us and brought us home!

Seriously, Schefferville is like a completely different world. I don’t think you can understand what it’s like to make the three-day trip until you do it yourself, but I hope I helped a little.