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I mentioned I’d been spending a couple days at JSMS, the school my mom works at (and where I was a student years ago and where I was the art teacher 2 years ago). I’m hoping that while we’re here for these couple of months that I’ll be able to get some part-time work subbing at the school; we’ll see.

Anyways, while I was there visiting this week my mom asked if I’d help her out in the curriculum department by decorating their bulletin board in the hallway. Most people would think this would be a simple, maybe half-hour long job, and put up a printed out drawing of a pumpkin or something. But no, I had to turn it into this huge complex three day long deal!

I got the idea when my mom informed me that the literal Naskapi translation of “Halloween” is “the day when we dress up in costumes”. (JSMS is in the Naskapi community of Kawawachikamach.) From this I decided to create an interactive bulletin board of 3 foot tall paper dolls!

Using construction paper, scissors, glue, and a black marker, I created two practically life-sized kids in underclothes, as well as four different interchangeable costumes and accessories.

Here are some detail close-ups:

Once all the pieces were done I glued everything to poster-board and used an x-acto knife around the edges, in order to reinforce the durability of the pieces. Finally, I laminated the entire lot and cut them all out again. The whole point is that students will get to dress the dolls in their costumes, so I wanted to make sure they could stand up to the wear and tear. And, hopefully these will be stored and used for years to come.

I stapled the dolls to the bulletin board and also created a large leaning folder stapled to the board to put the extra costume pieces into. The costumes stick to the dolls with sticky tack. 
And of course, to finish the board off we added the Naskapi word for Halloween (Naskapi uses a syllabic alphabet) above it and a paper chain border. What’s a holiday at a school without some paper chains?

Halloween is my most favorite holiday ever.