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The night we arrived in Schefferville the ground was dry and dusty, but by the time we woke up on Tuesday snow already covered everything. Guys, permanent snow by October 16th. Every day since, it’s been snowing more and more.

I’ve been going in to Kawawachikamach every day to help out my mom at the school. School’s closed for the week and the teachers are off on a workshop, but my mom still has curriculum stuff to do (that’s her job at the school). Oh, and there are stray puppies all over the place. I know we just found a home for our cat Harvey that we couldn’t take care of, and we’re on the road way too much to be able to have a pet… but these sad little stray puppies are so cute, I wish I could bundle them all up in my arms!

The awesome thing about visiting parents though, is they can have pets!! So we get to hang out with their awesome kitten Winnie for the next two months!  ILOVEHERSOMUCH!!