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Alright, I have a lot of Pocket Vinyl art and adventure updates to take care of. Basically, an entirely new theme in my live paintings has gone by and I’ve just barely touched on it! You might remember my Inuit Goat Boy from September 27th; well, probably because the excitement of traveling up here to Schefferville was looming, I ended up carrying that theme along with me for the shows all leading up to this trip.

We had a show on September 28th at the Bank Street Cafe in New London, CT. I really enjoyed that bar. Even though we’re in New London a lot (it’s so close to where we live we sometimes just tell people it’s where we’re from) this was our first time here. It just seems like the kind of place I’d want to go hang out at, like when we don’t have to play a show.

It was a quiet night, because it just happened that a ton of other stuff was going on around New London that night, but we had a couple good people there and we really enjoyed the night. Our friend Jamie won the bidding on the painting, making this the third Pocket Vinyl painting he’s bought (the other two being at our big three painting fundraising gig a month earlier).

Unfortunately, I was dumb and forgot to bring my camera to this show, but luckily Jamie let us use his phone to get a decent photo:

In this painting, I introduced a traditional Naskapi design as part of the coat and halo.