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From New London Pocket Vinyl headed north to Stephen King’s hometown to do a show in the Rock & Art Shop of Bangor, Maine, on September 29th. Confession: from the title, both Eric and I had assumed this would be a record store or at least a place that sold music of some sort. But it turned out to be a much different definition of “rock”; the literal kind. This shop was amazing, crammed full of fossils, ancient bones, weird plants, and some really sweet and weird local art pieces. Everywhere you looked there was something new and fascinating; I felt completely distracted the entire time we were there (at least, when we weren’t performing).

Despite the rainy cold weather the shop filled up nicely (though our hosts kept apologizing for the small crowd; it didn’t seem small to us at all!) and we had a really great show. The painting went to a local musician who had a CD for sale in the shop of kids’ music.

After the show was finished the crowd slowly trickled out (we got a ton of great feedback, the people of Bangor are awesome). The shop is owned and run by a group of siblings and one of the sisters and her husband told us we could crash that night at their apartment. The show had ended on the early side (before 10) so a couple of our hosts and a couple of their friends took us out to bar hop around Bangor. What an awesome town. It literally seemed like everyone knew everyone else and every bar was full of friends.

Our hosts had a beautiful and spacious upstairs apartment filled with all kinds of art and good friends in the apartment below, and in the morning they insisted we stay for a leisurely Sunday brunch, inviting even more friends over. I so wish we could live in a place where good friends could walk over and we could host regular meals together. It was such an awesome experience and I really hope we get to go back soon.