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On October 3rd we began an extremely mini Pocket Vinyl tour down to the Maryland area. We had the wedding of some really good friends in the area that weekend, and with gas prices getting unbearably high, we figured it’d make since to pay our way to the wedding with a couple shows along the way. Our first stop was at the familiar Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore. We’ve played here quite a few times before, and this time around we decorated the walls of the merch area with one of our new Pocket Vinyl stickers. We played sandwiched between two other very talented acts, Cyrus Atkins and Hardwood:

We were surprised when our friends Rory & Melissa arrived for the show, and more surprised when they stayed for the entire night! They had early work the next day, and the show went pretty late. That’s got to be one of the worst parts of this line of work: not only do most of our friends have normal-wake-up-early type jobs, but often we ourselves feel exhausted with the late starts of some of our own gigs. Then, we were even more surprised when Melissa & Rory fought to become the very first to own four Pocket Vinyl paintings!! Four!

You can see the other three Pocket Vinyl paintings they own here, here, and here. So awesome.

Oh and also, I just recently happened to find this really neat little write up about us from a Baltimore event calendar about this show. So check that out.

Of course, the best part about shows in Baltimore is that we get to hang out with my brother Ben and sister-in-law Tamika’s family each time we’re in the area:

Tamika’s homeschooling my niece and nephew, and I swear these kids are smarter than any of us. They’re learning Latin!!