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October 5th began the weekend-long wedding festivities (that Eric & I took part in, anyways) of our awesome friends Jon & Angela. I went to college with Jon and all of his groomsmen, and the entire weekend was one huge and amazing Houghton College reunion. It was seriously the best, and extremely needed after a fairly busy and stressful month, and it was a great way to say our goodbyes before Eric & I headed up to Canada for two months.

Honestly though, whenever I start to get down about my 40-50 thousand dollar student loans, I remember how worth it that was because of this group of what I am sure will be life-long friends. I’m getting all mushy but really I love these people so much!!

The wedding: two awesome crowded sleepovers, a stack of leftover pizza we didn’t know what to do with, a gorgeous on the water ceremony, drinks, food, delicious desserts, touching speeches, walks on the boardwalk, dancing! dancing! dancing! in the forms of synchronized  Party Rockin’, Soulja Boy, Gangnam Style, and Forget You, an after party with a fire, and a huge crowded and busy Denny’s breakfast the next day.

So. Much. Love.