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On our way back home to CT after that awesome wedding, we had one more Pocket Vinyl show in Wilmington, Delaware on October 7th at Mojo 13.

Above the entrance to the bar was a huge wooden painted terrifying clown face, with red light-up eyes (though one light was out, which makes it feel even creepier).

As soon as we entered the place the bartender admitted to us that on Sunday nights, no one showed up and we should get use to the idea that we’d only be playing for the other bands and the sound guy. Oh well. As a matter of fact, the singer/songwriter playing after us, Matt Hutchison, ending up buying the painting, which was really awesome of him. We were afraid it wouldn’t go that night, since all the other guys weren’t local and who would want to carry a wet painting around on tour?

Then, because of the large amount of art commissions I still had to finish in the 5 days before we started our trip to Canada, we decided to drive through the night from Delaware to Connecticut. Exhausting, but it felt so much better to finally be home instead of spending the night sleeping in the car.