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I have these really awesome friends, Broc & Emily. Broc is a great friend from the group I hung out with in college. He’s fun, honest, open, and he’ll always give you his time for good conversation. Emily also went to Houghton College with us, but I didn’t know her as well until after we’d all graduated. She’s really cool too, and hilarious. I think they make an amazing pair, they just seem completely perfect for each other.

They got married in September, and unfortunately Eric & I couldn’t go because it was the same day as another friends’ wedding that we’d already RSVPed to (that happened to us twice this year!). (Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast at the other wedding, I just wish we could’ve gone to both.)

Since I had a whole bunch of friends going to Broc & Emily’s wedding, I decided to do up an artsy gift to send along with those friends, as a wedding present for the new couple. After a bit of consideration I decided to base the idea of their art piece off of the awesome brightly coloured balloons they used in their engagement shoot:

And here’s the piece I did, using watercolour & ink: