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A little while ago our friend Jourdan asked me to help her come up with some ideas for paintings for her house. One we’re still in the works on, but I finished the other two and delivered them to her right before Eric & I headed north. She wanted two paintings to go on the walls of what will someday be their kids room. Jourdan showed me the room (pale yellow walls), pointed to a handful of paintings I’d previously done at Pocket Vinyl shows, and asked me to come up with ideas. I sketched her out this idea of two children on swings, surrounded by colourful orbs of light:

Jourdan gave me the go-ahead, but to really make sure the colours stayed bright. So while I was working on the paintings  made sure Eric was looking over my shoulder every once in a while to let me know if I needed to brighten things up. Here’s what I came up with for the final paintings, and how I’d envision them being hung on the pale yellow wall:

I’m really happy with the colours and sweetness of both of these paintings.

To see these paintings and a ton more, please check out my Facebook art site.