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Almost a full year ago I was approached by Eric’s cousin Kelly about doing a painting as a gift for her husband. Our back and forths were sporadic and we lost touch here and there, but finally the subject matter and deadline were established: She wanted something that incorporated a couple of their favorite things: rock formations in Utah, bears, and rainbow trout, and she wanted to give it to him for his birthday at the beginning of October.

I did up a coloured pencil sketch for her, and once that was approved I got in and began laying it out in pencil on a large 2′ x 2′ board. I went with watercolour & acrylics, splattering and blocking and overlaying, like I did for Oksana’s paintings of her dogs.

Once the painted parts were done I inked the entire thing, and here’s the finished piece:

I especially love how those rainbow trout turned out!