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Remember that super awesome, fun & friend-filled wedding we went to a couple weeks back? Jon & Angela are amazing. I’ve known Jon all throughout college and he’s always been a really great, close, and thoughtful friend, even in some of the crappiest times. I hardly have a college memory that doesn’t include Jon in some way or another (one of my favorites was when a couple of us found out how to get on the roofs of a few campus building and we’d go hang out there at nights), and he even did a reading during Eric & I’s wedding. And while I didn’t go to college with Angela and don’t know her as well, it was really touching and awesome to hear her say that marrying Jon felt like she got to marry into a family of this group of friends we have. It’s awesome that she will be a big part of us all hanging out from now on. (Also, she is so adorable in this wedding photo!)

As a gift for their wedding I did a portrait of them, using a fairly simplistic style in watercolour & brown well ink.

Yay friends!