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At a recent family gathering in Connecticut on my mom’s side of the family I got to talking with my cousin Jenny. I hadn’t seen  that side of the family for a while and it was really nice to catch up. Jenny got to telling me about a trip she’d taken with her boyfriend and his family up to Alaska.

I was completely fascinated by her stories of glaciers and traveling around icebergs in boats and the beautiful wildlife and sweet little fishing villages. That type of environment is so similar and at the same time so foreign compared to what I’ve experienced growing up in Schefferville. Once as a kid I visited St. John’s, Newfoundland. We stayed with some friends right on the edge of this bay and it was amazing to get to see these massive blue and striped chunks of ice float by.

Anyways, as Jenny & I were talking she asked if I would be able to do a painting for her from this trip to Alaska that she’d taken. I said yes, of course, and within a few days she’d messaged me with her idea and a couple photos of her boyfriend’s family standing in front of a glacier in Alaska. She wanted the size to be 1′ x 2′ and I got to work right away layering watercolours over gesso, and watered acrylic paint over that.

(Here’s a shot of my desk, and as you can see, during those last couple weeks in Connecticut as I scrambled to finish up all the commission I had before leaving for Canada, I kind of didn’t really pay any attention to trying to keep things neat).

After finishing up more of the acrylic textures I inked up the entire thing, and here’s the finished product that I delivered to Jenny a little while later:

I was very happy to hear that she loved it too. So glad I could make her happy!