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If you read the blog or follow our Pocket Vinyl Facebook page regularly, you probably know that sometimes when we’re in Connecticut Eric plays piano for our friend Daphne Lee Martin‘s band Raise the Rent. They have a new album coming out (the release date is currently set for January 2013) titled Moxie, and Daphne asked me a while ago if I could do up a design and burn a screen as they get ready for the release. She sent me a link to the current working cover for Moxie, and you’ll see that I wanted to follow the masquerade theme of the cover art. Here is the pencil sketch, and then finished inked design that I drew up:

Then, about a week ago, The Telegraph (our local New London record shop & recording label owned and operated by Daphne & her husband Rich) posted a photo of some hand screened posters using my design and screen: