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I’m been a bit distant lately, and honestly, that’s due in a big part to the fact that time seems to stand still here in Schefferville. I think I’ve at least gotten past laying-around-on-the-floor-and-being-bored-all-the-time and have begun to figure out ways to be productive. And it’s about time too! We’ve only been here for about a month and we have a month still to go!

So, things I’ve been filling my time with and accomplishing:

I tutor a little 3rd grade girl in math twice a week. Math! Ha! Of all subjects. During our last session she asked me what my least favorite class was when I was her age… I couldn’t lie to her. But we finished up the session playing a card game that taught place value, so I think she’s starting to enjoy it.

My parents have been gone for most of this past month. My dad got back on Thursday and my mom gets back tomorrow, and I’ve become in charge of my mom’s Shetland Sheepdog, Peggy.

Is she not one of the most gorgeous and elegant little beasts you’ve ever seen? Her biggest flaw? She’s the most skittish thing I’ve ever encountered! I think she must have been neglected at her previous home, because it took her two full days to begin to warm up to me, and she still runs in complete terror at the sight or even sound of either Eric or my dad. Fortunately though she trusts me well enough by now to let her guard down, and when she prances after a rubber ball or bounds up to see me it’s one of the cutest things ever.

Though, as an example of her skittishness, this morning Eric was noisily loading firewood into the basement and she was so petrified she jumped onto the treadmill in front of me and ran along for about 20 seconds! I’m sure knocking into my knees and tumbling off into her food bowl helped calm her nerves…

Speaking of the treadmill, I’ve been running practically every day! Usually I hate running, but I’ve discovered I can actually read on the treadmill and that keeps me from getting too bored. Which makes me think that maybe when we return south again I should get some audio books to listen to and try running outside. (We can’t run outside here. There is way too much snow.)

I’ve actually been able to finally complete two books already! First C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce (which I originally started as a sophomore in college), and today I finished up Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods (I started that as a 10th or 11th grader… in high school!! Goodness). Both good. Tomorrow I’ll start on Colin M. Turnbull’s The Mountain People, a book I was actually suppose to read in a college anthropology course, but never did. But I respected my professor’s recommendation, so I held on to the book… Anyways, I’m getting two major things done at once that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And the reading actually makes me excited to run, because I’m interested in finding out what happens next!

Other stuff I’ve been working on is lots more ceramics!

Besides the 20 bowls I made and posted about earlier, I recently finished 21 good-sized handled mugs and just yesterday finished putting together these 5 teapots. It’s so fun to be building art with my hands, making pretty things that are also completely functional. I’d love to make sets of little tea bowls to go with each teapot. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have my mom’s basement ceramic studio to be working in while I’m here. Now’s the scary part of hoping the pieces dry evenly and don’t crack in the process. Then will be the scary part of firing and hoping they don’t crack during the bisquing process. This is an incredibly nerve-wracking process. Not really. Actually it’s really fun.

On Eric’s Birthday and our 2 year engagement anniversary we visited one of the clue spots from the engagement scavenger hunt (yeah, Eric created this elaborate rhyming scavenger hunt  all over Schefferville to lead me to where he proposed. It was the best engagement ever!!). This was also where, over 2 years ago, we’d created a very elaborate Pocket Vinyl music video by stop-motion painting all over the walls of some abandoned trailers.  Check out our video here. 

Speaking of Pocket Vinyl, Eric has been busy lately booking our next tour. We’ll be starting in January, soon after the holidays, and going until about mid-February, heading south towards Florida (though it’s not looking like we’ll be getting far into Florida itself). After that there’ll be a bit of a break to hang out with good friends, then another big tour for March & April, possibly towards Austin, Texas… Then just some small mini tours around New England before our awesome friends Leah & Phil’s wedding! (I’m very excited about this wedding. It’s going to be 1930s themed! I just ordered my bridesmaid dress yesterday.)

I guess that’s about all to report for now. I’ve been doing a few artsy things and cooking things, but those’ll get their own posts soon. Also, it’s full-on winter here now. To send you off I’ll leave you with this photo I took out the kitchen window yesterday. Eric was chopping wood in this weather.