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By now I think a lot of you have heard about the Pocket Vinyl “mini play” full-album 7″ we’re putting out. In case you haven’t, Eric has written and recorded 11 songs, each around 1 minute long, so that we can put out a full album but fit the entire thing into the space of a 7″ vinyl record. He’s already finished recording all the songs with a friend of ours, and the mixing and mastering is happening now (or is just finished). A week or two ago I drew up the center labels for the 7″. We decided “a cat with a pipe” would be a fun image for the label, so I drew up an A side and B side, stylizing from some sketches I did of our ex-kitty Harvey (he lives contently with our good friend Bill now), and using the styles of both my and Eric’s personal pipes. Here are the labels, Photoshopped to how they’ll most likely look on the vinyl:

Oh, and to get you even more excited about this 7″, the label we’re releasing it through (The Telegraph Recording Company, our local New London label) is helping us get coloured vinyl!! We chose a mixture of transparent and opaque orange and blue. I’m so excited to see how it turns out!

And, there may or may not be a little extra something along with a limited number of the 7″s. Maybe.

Release date is set for sometime in January. More to come.