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While we were in Schefferville I knew I wanted to work a lot more on doing some watercolours from life. I didn’t do nearly as many as I would have liked, but here are six that I finished, all painted from the windows of my parents house.

Untitled-1Broken down ski-doos partly covered in snow, that I ended up giving to my older brother for Christmas (he loved riding those ski-doos), and some weeds in the side yard.

Untitled-2Two paintings done from opposite ends of the house: the first is a view down our street from the kitchen window, the second is a view of the Montagnais reservation of Matimekosh, from my bedroom window looking across the lake.

Untitled-3Finally, a still-life style painting of a pair of Naskapi-made caribou hide mitts of mine, and the ridge that hugs our little town with the cross that stands above us. All but one of two of these pieces (minus the ski-doo one) were sold before we left Schefferville.

P.S. To see all these paintings together, and much more, check out my Facebook art page.