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After visiting the powwow this summer, I’ve been wanting some pairs of the gorgeous beaded earrings I saw covering the walls of every booth. They were big and bright and dangly and beautiful. I know many Naskapi women know how to make these earrings, but I foolishly never learned how while I was living in Schefferville in years past. Well, I decided that some quiet alone time trapped by snow in the house this past fall would be ideal for learning the craft. My mom found me a huge miss-matched bag of seed beads, so I got to work practicing.

First, I found some very straight-forward and step-by-step instructions on-line, with lots of easy-to-read photos, so if you’re looking to learn the craft as well, I recommend this site. (Maybe I’ll do my own how-to in the near future.)

Then, I just began experimenting with colour combinations and pattern sizes. It was a fun activity to concentrate on and turn my mind off of other things. Here are the six pairs I came up with:

Untitled-1Most of these earrings I ended up selling, so I guess if I want a couple pairs of my own I’ll have to make some more.