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Oh and one last thing:

We’re down to our two final copies of our last album, Monsters Talking, and we (Pocket Vinyl) didn’t have time to order and screen print a whole bunch more, so instead we decided to just sell download cards to the album. Most people listen to music digitally anyways, so it made since. And we’re selling them at a discounted print compared to CDs.

We had the idea for me to watercolour some paper abstract-like and we’d chop that up to make into the cards, but I got this idea into my head and I didn’t want to let it go: my great love of bicycles. So, this is the image I came up with:


I then chopped this up into 2″ x 3″ cards and taped our website with original digital download codes on the backs of each. These will also be a new addition to our merch table. We have no idea how well these’ll sell yet, but it’s worth a shot! I personally love them.