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Today’s the big day! It’s our Pocket Vinyl album release show/party, but not just your average everyday album, but it’s our first ever vinyl! Our first ever pocket-sized vinyl! A pocket-sized vinyl (er, 7″) that holds 11 songs instead of the typical 2!! Eric & I could not be more excited about this. And, to make things even extra special, the vinyl’s coloured! Blue with orange flecks!! And, to make things even extra-extra special, I created a special limited edition of 40 of these 7″s with actual cloth pockets, complete with button closures and bonus fun artwork by Eric! (Seriously, we’re so excited about these.) Awesome thing is though, even the regular non-special edition 7″ were hand screen-printed by us and all the 7″s include a print of our ex-cat Harvey (he moved in with a friend of our’s this past fall) that doubles as the digital download of the album (so yes, even if you don’t have a turn table you can still listen to and own the entire album in digital form). How about some images, hm?

Untitled-1That’s the regular 7″, priced at an exceptionally reasonable $5!! What-what?

And here’s the special edition, priced at $12 to include all the fun extra stuff!

Untitled-2As you can see, it comes in blue or green material. These and the rest of our merch will be available with us as we travel around the east coast on tour this spring. Stop by a show, say hi, and pick up a 7″! Or, these will also be available for purchase on-line.

So yeah, tonight at the Oasis in New London, we’ll be going on around 10:30. Check out the Facebook event for more details.

And, to get you even more excited, here’s one last mini ad that Eric & I made to promote the 7″ (remix by our good friend, Andrew Clotworthy. This song does appear on the album, just not in such a dancey, poppy form):