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Ok, with all our tons of shows coming up, I need to make sure I’m updating on here on a regular basis. Just FYI, if you’re a huge foodie and you got roped into my blog because of a random food post, I’m sorry to say you might be disappointed in the soon-to-be lack of food posts. (Though I do still need to talk about our half-week-long smoothie cleanse and gourmet ramen. Hmmm. Maybe you should stick around. Ha!) Well anyways, most of my posts for the next, eh… 4 months, will be focused around Pocket Vinyl shows & touring, and art. So much art! Oh and side note: I’m close to 100 followers, so once I reach that I’ll do another giveaway. Not sure what yet. Back on topic:

Last night we had a great show in Feeding Hills, MA at the Underground Cafe, a church basement coffee shop & radio station. It was our 3rd time playing there and also the busiest we’ve seen it yet, so we were really happy for such a great turn out on our first night back into playing shows after a couple months off.

Here’s something that made things slightly less-than-awesome: The way the Underground runs shows is we play a half hour set, stop for maybe 15 minutes, then play another half hour set. Usually I’m not a huge fan of stopping during a set, but this break couldn’t come quickly enough. As I was standing in front of everyone, laying out my thoughts for the painting, I was almost knocked over by a huge and sudden wave of nausea. My head was spinning and I literally thought I might pass out or even puke on stage. As soon as Eric stopped for our break I grabbed my coat and ran outside. A few minutes later I was emptying the contents of my stomach behind our car, right as Eric & the girl who booked us walked up. Not exactly my most flattering moment I suppose. The booker jumped in her car to find me something to help my stomach, and Eric went to distract the audience. We were very close to ending the night with a sadly unfinished painting. But I guess I emptied myself of the worst part of the sickness, because by the time the booker met me again in the parking lot with a grocery bah full of crackers, ginger ale, and Pepto-Bismol I was feeling somewhat better and told her I was ready to continue on with the show. I am so punk-rock.

I’m glad I did too, because I’m very happy with the painting outcome:

IMG_3546I’m consciously heading in a largely different directions with my paintings, starting this tour. So I hope this will just be the start of some new & interesting things to come. Definitely stay tuned for that.

Since puking in the parking lot last night I’ve continued to be in a state of slight nausea, though it’s a bit better… I discovered later today that it looks like the reason for my sudden illness is actually a form of poisoning. Yeah, here I am trying to be all super healthy by drinking veggie smoothies and I find out that apparently too much spinach will poison you. Especially if you have any sort of iron deficiency. So yeah. Don’t listen to Popeye.